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Our company is the premier company to hire for help with many types of construction and excavation projects that you may be engaged in. We offer our services in Gem, Elmore, Ada, Canyon, Boise, Valley, and Payette counties. So what can we do for you today? We are experienced at grading, excavation, junk removal, and septic system installation and repair, among other things. We can do the necessary prep work for putting a swimming pool on your property just as easily as we can install a French drain for you. We can help ensure clean water for your building by digging for and installing water lines. We can even prepare for a foundation to be laid by removing large amounts of earth, rock, and other material.

Do you have tree roots or mineral deposits damaging your sewer lines? Is the water pressure from the street too high? Leave the hard work to us. Our crews are experienced and proficient in repair and replacement of sewer and water lines. We will dig what needs to be dug, and use top grade professional materials to install the lines that need to be installed. We can repair or install a septic system so that you don’t have problems with contamination of E Coli or other issues that can occur when doing this kind of work. We also use the highest quality piping and tools to lay water lines that provide clean water for your home or other buildings. 

Do you need land cleared to make way for your building project? Is there water causing problems on your property because it just won’t go to the right place? Call us in to do the heavy lifting. We take care of problems such as diverting standing water away from specific areas, hauling away junk that no longer needs to be there, and digging with heavy equipment for a multitude of reasons.

We have our own machinery and we are competent in excavation and grading of all types as well as miscellaneous site work and junk removal. We also work with concrete, doing prep work and driveway rehab.

With the constant cycle of the seasons freezing water and thawing it again, your concrete is sure to show signs of cracks eventually. Whether you need your driveway redone entirely or just repaired in some places or even patched, we can take care of this for you. Our crews specialize in driveway rehab and concrete prep. We know how to lay the right kind of base for concrete pouring and we know how to grade the land so that it supports a good base in the right way.

A.N.T Services is there to work whether your job is big or small. We are here to provide a wide variety of services that fit into your budget and into your timeline easily. Working in several different counties, we can be where you need us when you need us. Give us a call today!


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