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A.N.T. Services Grading

In the Boise area, there is one company you should turn to for grading and that is A.N.T. services. Whether you have site work to be done, driveway rehab that needs attention, or just plain land clearing, we provide an array of solutions that fit your budget and timeline. Our company is all the way committed to the satisfaction of our customers and it shows in our work and in the results you see from your projects. We take every job seriously and are completely confident in our ability to perform well at any job within our scope of expertise. Our crews work efficiently and effectively every time we come out to your site. When you are ready to get your project started, give us a call for an estimate and we’ll be right there.

Services We Offer:

  • Driveway Rehab
  • Concrete Prep
  • Site Work
  • Land Clearing
  • Hauling
  • Junk Removal

Is your driveway full of cracks, divots, holes, or is it just plain ruined? The tons of metal moving over your driveway everyday as well as the constant freeze and thaw cycles of the seasons are going to damage your driveway eventually regardless of what it is made out of. The damage will usually start as small cracks and then get more and more noticeable from there. One service we offer is driveway rehab. Whether you need to fix the cracks, fill the holes, replace, or resurface the entire thing, we can get the job done. Whether your driveway is made of concrete or asphalt, it can be a big job to get done. But with A.N.T. Services, you can rest assured that the job will be done right and then the quickest time possible. We have the know-how-end skill to lay the proper foundation for your driveway. Our crews will bring in the necessary machinery, the required knowledge, and the adept skill to start right and finish right. 

Preparing the ground properly before pouring concrete is the best way to ensure that the concrete will look its best over its estimated lifetime. While a freshly poured slab can look great for now, it is only with proper preparation that it will look great until you’re ready to do it again. Concrete will crack and crumble if it’s not poured over a good solid base. It should last for decades if done right. A.N.T. Services crews are skilled in concrete prep. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to make sure that the concrete you pour has a long life. We are practiced in the correct procedures and precautions necessary to increase the life of your concrete slab and we are fully confident that you will be satisfied with our work.

A.N.T. Services crews are ready and willing to go on performing a wide variety of site work for your construction area. We take care of grading, digging, and other aspects of the project that you need completed by crews with heavy equipment. We can level a base, create a slope, dig trenches, and prefer installation of septic systems and other utilities. This will save you the time and hassle of renting the equipment and doing it all yourself. We can be doing site work while you work on other aspects of your project,and this will allow you to stick to your timeline and maybe even get things done faster. When you have a miscellaneous chore that needs to be done for your major project or even a smaller landscaping operation, call us in to do the job for you.

Let’s face it, clearing the land is a big, important part of any major job at any site small or large. A.N.T. Services has the equipment, time, and manpower necessary to accomplish many types of land clearing jobs from small to large. We are experienced in land clearing just as we are with all of our other services that we offer. We know how to get the job done quickly and effectively and we do so at a reasonable price. We have the necessary machinery and we will bring it to the site to finish your bit of land clearing. When you need to delegate work in order to accomplish what you need to get done for your own project or even a bigger one that you’re a part of, consider utilizing our services to help you achieve that goal.

Our company can also haul away most or even all of the stuff that you need taken somewhere else. We offer our services at down to earth prices because we know that every job, whether major or minor, includes a bit of hauling. There are always extras that you don’t need and we can take care of those quickly and effectively.

When a job is finished, there’s often some sort of extra junk lying around that needs to be taken somewhere else. Scraps of concrete, metal, miscellaneous garbage, or even dirt can clutter up a newly finished project site. We do junk removal to help you polish your site to a finished shine after all the heavy work is done. We can even haul junk if this is the only part of the project that you need us for.

The Only Choice for Grading Services in Southern Idaho

A.N.T. Services will be there to be a part of your project whether it is big or small. Whether you need grading, hauling, or excavation, you can count on us to give you fair pricing and to get the job done properly, efficiently, and within the projected timeline. Call us today for an estimate on the work you need done and experience the difference that A.N.T. Services can make for your project.


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